Rubber Membrane

Rubber Membrane Solutions in Auckland

Flat roofs are among the most difficult types of roof in New Zealand to maintain. Without regular maintenance, they quickly start to develop leaks which can cause significant damage to other parts of your home.

LifeTime roofing has the perfect solution to protect your flat roof for the long-term – our rubber membrane solutions. The rubber membranes we use are of the highest quality and they are installed by our expert team. Call today to find out more.

Solutions Available for all Types of Flat Roof

We use rubber membranes from leading suppliers, and we have a range of options you can choose from. This includes EDPM and butanol roofs, ensuring you get the best membrane for your budget as well as the best option for the size, location, and style of your flat roof.

This includes rubber membranes that are very thick, so can handle our often sudden and dramatic changes in weather. In addition, we have large sheet options which reduce the number and size of joins.

Rubber Membranes that Stand the Test of Time

Most owners of flat roofs want a solution that will stand the test of time. When we install a rubber membrane on your roof, we can’t guarantee it will last forever. What we can guarantee is our installation will ensure you get the maximum possible usable life from the roof.

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